Kirkpatrick & Associates LLC

Kirkpatrick & Associates LLC

(504) 828-3311

3501 N Causeway Bl
Metairie, LA 70002

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Kirkpatrick and Associates does bankruptcies. Every day, we help people get out from under debts of all amounts. So far, we've wiped out over $50 million in debt.
For Debt Relief, Nothing Compares to United States Bankruptcy Law. Other Services Promise, but Only Bankruptcy Delivers.

Monday - Friday

8AM - 5PM


By Appointment

About Kirkpatrick & Associates LLC

The Bankruptcy Lawyers For Eliminating Your Debt Quickly

📒 Completely Eliminate Your Debt
📒 Relief From Bill Collectors Starts NOW
📒 No More Sleepless Nights

Eliminate Your Debt In 3 Easy Steps:
1) Meet an experienced attorney for a free consultation to diagnose your particular needs for eliminating debt.
2) The attorney will advocate your case to ensure you receive the most debt reduction regardless of your financial situation.
3) The attorney will settle with your creditors so you keep what you own and so you don't have to pay back the high interest rates. In as little as 24 months, you'll be completely debt free.

Once Your Case Is filed, Bill Collectors must Contact Us, Not You.
People Think That If They File Bankruptcy, They Will Lose Everything. Nothing Could Be Further From The Truth.

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